Product Details:

  • Enhanced power rating for quick recovery and continuous serve

  • Even temperature through the grill top assures food quality

  • Thermostat controlled temperature setting

  • Stainless steel casing, easy for clean


Size (mm) L*W*H: 2000*1000*800/280
Power: 42kWx2.


Size 2000*1000*800/270mm
Firepower 8L water boil/3.5min
Meal allowance 120 people
Main material SUS201/1.2mm
Integrated Configuration Integrated stamping tops+ 14'' HECMAC
cast iron ring+10'' stainless steel rear pot
Cooker Size 15''~19'' wok
Ignition Method Manual ignition
Burner Energy-saving burner
Heating Load  42KW*2
Voltage 220V
Gas Type Gas Nature gas LPG
Gas Pressure 1000Pa 2000Pa 2800Pa
Gas Consumption 21.2m³/h 8.4m³/h 5.1kg/h




It is a nice-looking streamlined design.

Intelligent design: Nine gear firepower circulation adjustment, balance the power output.

Beautiful appearance: Stainless steel meticulous humanized design,
high-grade durable, easy to clean

Efficient: Heat with the principle of electromagnetic, heat faster,
thermal efficiency is up to 90% and improve the dishes rate;

Energy-saving: No heating conduction and thermal, energy-saving
over 50% than the ordinary gas/oil focal.

Environmental protection: No flame, no dust, halogen-light exhaust,
ultra low noise design (below 45 dB), optimized kitchen environment.

Convenient operation: Handle opening (or knob switch).
The output power can be adjusted flexibly

If the burner burn out accidentally (the ignition switch can issue a warning sound),
so that to prevent gas leakage and protect your security.

Lifetime technical support and accessories supply.

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